One of the unique aspects of working with Reliable Contractors Group, Inc. is our desire to offer the latest and most current and advanced technologies. By partnering with large critical environment manufacturers, we have the opportunity of mechanically installing prefabricated data centers and/or installing the HVAC systems that pertain to them. The prefabricated concept offers the following benefits:

  • Speed to market: 10-14 week standard production.
  • Plug and play application: Product is pre-wired and pre-piped.
  • Systems are temperature, water, fire and wind rated.
  • Modular use for multiple locations.
  • Scalable: Incrementally add pre-fab units as needed. Also, add more pre-fab units without disrupting the existing operation of your facility.
  • Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Maximize efficiency.
  • Minimize carbon footprint.
  • Maximize LEED certification points.

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